500 .. Estimated in-stock date 10-19-2020. The instruction book shows the barrel band positioned about ¼ inch back from the cap. Place your order now for delivery priority!Includes CO2 adapter & filled 12-oz. Move it far enough forward so that it is out of the way…, …insert the barrel into the receiver and replace the screws…. Since I have already mounted the Hawke scope on the pistol I am leaving it attached for the rifle conversion. Da mittlerweile ja doch einige sich die "Diana Chaser" zugelegt haben, dachte ich mir es wäre vielleicht an der Zeit einen eigenen Thread aufzumachen. Es hat einen geschwungenen, schlagfesten Kunststoff-Lochschaft, der ergonomisch geformt ist. Monte Carlo buttstock with ventilated .. Diana 350 Magnum Striker ComboSpring-piston In stock. chaser pistol. Stay up to date with news and promotions by signing up for our newsletter. SPA Artemis CP2,Diana chaser, SMK,Fox, long barrel test /.177/.Day at the shooting range The Diana Chaser is a bolt action CO2 pellet pistol with synthetic grip and blued finish. Rifled steel barrel with SilencAIR integral silencer I realize the Bandit's air tube is only 50cc's, but that's enough for when I need to do some immediate "pest control". Sidelever Drop Free CO2 Magazine Die CP1-M und die Diana Chaser sehen jenseits des Griffes sehr ähnlich aus. domed pellets which delivered the highest velocity with the pistol barrel of 502 fps. Full Power Export- Reduzierventil für Diana Pressluftgewehr P 1000 für Kaliber 4,5mm und 5,5mm geeignet Nach Herstellerangaben sind mit Einbau dieses Ventil folgende Daten zu erreichen: Kaliber 4,5mm, 26 Joule Kaliber 5,5mm, 40 Joule Der Erwerb des Ventils ist frei, jedoch ist der Einbau in Deutschland genehmigungspflichtig. These indexing mags hold 9 shots in .177 and 7 in .22 and cut down your reload times significantly. Last Post RSS marflow (@marflow) Joined: 3 years ago. 2 x Part 6, 1 x Part 7: CP2 & Diana Chaser Airbug Replacement Barrel Screw Set £ 4.73. To turn the pistol into a rifle, loosen the three set screws that secure the barrel and pull the barrel from the breech. Impact Accessories. Pre-order. Esta es mi segunda compra del chaser ( la primera solo era la pistola), decidi por el combo rifle pistola y asi tener varias opciones de configuracion, pero en esta oportunidad el cañon largo tipo rifle vino con un mal acabado, osea esta como manchado y tuve que pulirlo pero no queda bien, el control de calidad es malo, si Diana los fabricara seria otra cosa, pero son hechos en china. Breakbarrel action john from USA asked: What is the trigger pull? The pistol is medium loud; the rifle barrel reduces the dB level to low, with the majority of sound coming from internal mechanisms, very much the types of mechanical sounds you get from a silenced semi-auto handgun or rifle. Crosman 2240 Crosman 2260 (lefthanded)-Mountain Air tuned / UTG 4x32 AO .22 Benjamin NP2 / Centerpoint 3-9x40 AO I’ve always been a better pistol shot than a rifleman so I’m not totally surprised by my slightly wider groups, but more so by the windage adjustment. Single-shot Compact ergonomic des.. Air Arms HFT 500 air rifle First, let’s address the degree of rearward movement necessary to allow the Stromrider pellet magazine to fit with the Hawke scope mounted. Blowback Action lead wadcutters which clocked a high of 537 fps, a low of 527 fps and an average of 528 fps for five shots. Xin from USA asked: What's the size of the "small weaver accessory mount on underside of barrel band" in Rifle mode? 18rd removable BB magazine I’ll correct the price in the article. One solitary issue arose when I removed the Hawke and shot the Chaser rifle at 10 meters with the rifle barrel sights. Double-action only Breakbarrel Blade front sight The barrel with suppressor takes up 22 inches of that length. Lothar Walther match barrel (fully floated) Optics include a blade front sight, adjustable rear sights, and 11mm dovetail scope rails. Das Modell Chaser von DIANA kann eines oder beides sein und ist auf alle Fälle eine Bereicherung für den Freizeit-Markt im Kaliber 4,5 mm. Powered by WordPress. Replacement CO2 Seal for CP1, CP2, CR600w and Diana £ 7.87. Rifle to pistol conversions are not uncommon, particularly in AR-15 and AK-47 based platforms that have been reworked from long range target rifles, to SBRs (short barreled rifles) and to pistols without stocks, with folding stocks, braces, or collapsible stocks. High-quality customer service and professional technical team make shopping more assured, The world's most advanced SSL technology protects every transaction, Reached 130 countries to develop detailed safe shipping plans for customers, Answer any questions online and support 30 days No reason to return products, AirForce 1/8" and 1/4" BSPP Refill Adapter Set, AirForce 12" Barrel, .177 Cal, Lothar Walther, AirForce 12" Barrel, .22 Cal, Lothar Walther, Ataman AP16 Air Pistol Target Style Handle, Benjamin .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Hollowpoint, 750ct, Benjamin .22 Cal Marauder Pistol Magazine, 8 Rds, Benjamin .25 Cal, 27.8 Grains, Domed, 200ct, Benjamin Ironhide SBD Air Rifle, NP Elite, Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker Air Pistol Kit, Black Widow .177 Cal, 5.23 Grains, BBs, 1000ct, Daisy .177 Cal, 5.1 Grains, BBs, 350/Tube, 50 Tubes Per Case, Daisy 1/2" High Visibility Glass Slingshot, 75ct, Diana 34 Breakbarrel Rifle, T06 Trigger, Beech, FX .177-caliber Single Shot Tray for Crown/Dreamline, FX .22-caliber Single Shot Tray for Crown/Dreamline, FX .25-cal Single Shot Tray for Crown/Dreamline, FX .30-caliber Single Shot Tray for Crown/Dreamline, BSA .177-Cal Multishot Magazine, 10rds, Fits Select BSA & Gamo Guns, BSA 2-7x28 Edge Pistol Scope, Duplex Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Tube, BSA 30mm Red Dot Sight, 3/8" and Weaver Mount, Adjustable Grip for Alfa PCP Pistol, Left Hand, Air Arms 5-shot rotary magazine for S400 Biathlon rifle, Air Arms Diabolo Express .177 Cal, 7.87 Grains, Domed, 500ct, Agent One Seven Seven (Walther CP99 Compact), Axeon 4-16x44 AO Rifle Scope, Duplex Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Tube, Axeon 4x32 Air Archery Scope, Ballistic Reticle, 1" Tube, Weaver Rings, Copyright © 2021 Airgun.us, All Rights Reserved. Rear is adjustable Out of stock. Diana Chaser CO2 Rifle kit Here is a fun little pistol/carbine kit, shooting in the 460fps in pistol and 495fps range with the long barrel, with plenty of shots per CO2 cartridge! Customer Reviews for Diana Stormrider Barrel Average Customer Review 5.0 (45 reviews) 5 star. Fixed front sight I finally shot targets and let the windage go, hitting right of center. This lightweight CO2 airgun was designed for hours of fun outdoor target shooting or as an ideal indoor plinker. As a pistol and pistol carbine with the addition of the Chaser stock sold in the rifle/pistol kit, the Diana model has already proven itself a very capable CO2 powered single or multi-shot entry-level target pistol. This is the part you need to alter. I was not able to correct windage on the 17.7 inch barrel’s rear sight sufficiently to move my groups left. The Diana Chaser Rifle Kit includes the Chaser pistol, shoulder stock, and longer moderated rifled barrel. Are any of you folks aware of mods available for the Diana Chaser? Diana does not sell a moderator separately, so I bought a third party one like the one in my photo. Joined: Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:52 pm Posts: 3558 Location: Caronport, Saskatchewan I'd recommend cleaning the barrel if possible. Right, my mistake, i was quoting pistol and scope price. Adjustable Rear Sight In stock. As you can see from this angle the magazine does not get in the way of the Hawke scope and there is ample clearance to operate the bolt. Still a heck of a deal. Mark from USA: 2 1/2 to 3 lbs. https://www.4komma5.de/SET-Diana-Chaser-Rifle-Co2-Gewehr-45-mm-Diabol… 3 star. Single-shot Place your order now for delivery priority!.177 caliber Integrated regulator Diana Chaser Rifle Co2-Luftgewehr Kaliber 4,5 mm Diabolo Dieses Co2-Luftgewehr kommt in einem modernen Design. ... Then I would replace the barrel of the bandit with the Chaser's rifle barrel. Breakbarrel The three set screws for the barrel must be removed…. Blowback* With the scope flush-to-the-rear of the receiver there is not enough clearance for the magazine to slide all the way in before it hits the front of the scope…. Not my best work but this is a total of 10 rounds with one nasty flyer off to the right and the rest at 1.81 inches. Magazines. One other big difference is the silencer (noise suppressor) on the 17.7 inch barrel. This was the first and only issue I had encountered with the Chaser. The Diana Chaser rifle/pistol kit is the best of both worlds, an excellent entry level target pistol in .177 or .22 caliber, and a rifle all for one price. Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2019. The H&N fired from the pistol averaged 449 fps. Diana includes a single shot tray for precision shooting, but the Chaser can accept magazines used by its big brother the Stormrider. Pushing the rifle barrel out to 50 feet with the Hawke, and using a Shoot-N-C target and the RWS Hobby lead wadcutters, I put a total of 10 shots into 2.375 inches, which included an awful flyer to the right that expanded my 10 shots from 1.81 inches (9 out of 10). …the pistol barrel slides out of the receiver. Shown are the pistol, rifle barrel, barrel band and two hex head tools required for the barrel switch. There are two small hex head tools in a plastic bag that comes with the rifle/pistol kit (the same bag I stored the rear sight parts in for Part 6); one hex head wrench is used to remove the three set screws that hold the pistol barrel to the receiver, the other to tighten the set screw on the barrel band. Full-/semi-auto CO2 Bolt-Action Includes Single-Shot Tray Fixed Front Sight Adjustable Rear Sight 11mm Dovetail 2-Stage Trigger, Adjustable take-up Spare CO2 capsule can be stored in grip Small Weaver accessory mount on underside of barrel band Kit includes Chaser Pistol, Butt Stock, and Silenced Rifle Barrel Combining the Hawke 1x30mm red/green dot scope with the .22 Chaser rifle/pistol kit is also a very affordable package. performance airguns since 1890. introduction. Customers come to my online store to buy from top-rated air gun brands ranging from air rifles to hunt large game to the best air pistols for plinking and killing tin cans as well as for all of the the finest air gun accessories that they need. technical data handling & operation care & maintenance safety instructions description. Ich habe meine gestern erhalten und bin jetzt zu den ersten Schüssen gekommen. With the addition of indexing magazines, transform your single-shot Chaser into a multi-shot repeater pistol! This lightweight CO2 airgun was designed for hours of fun outdoor target shooting or as an ideal indoor plinker. Fixed Front Sig.. Beretta Elite II When it is a rifle. This product is out of stock. Now we’re getting into the light weight rounds, the 11.9 gr. The Chaser is a capable plinker and target puncher that can send its rounds downrange at speeds up to 642 fps in .177 and 500 fps in .22 caliber. DIANA Chaser Rifle CO2 Pistole Kaliber 4,5 mm Diabolo im Set - inkl. It’s interesting that the instruction book shows the Chaser coming as an assembled rifle that is to be converted into the pistol, whereas the gun comes as a pistol to be converted into a rifle, (at least in the U.S. market versions, which also have the silencer on the rifle barrel permanently affixed). Single-shot Then insert the butt stock into the holes on the grip and replace the securing screw. Caliber & Barrel Length I'd like to install a grip or laser on it. Semi-auto Plastic buttplate Estimated in-stock date 09-03-2020. Camo Chaser long barrel carbine PP700SA long barrel carbine. Comments: The Diana Chaser CO2 Pellet Pistol is a really well-made and fun gun to shoot. In this case - do nothing - the easiest answer of all ! This product is out of stock. Tyler from USA: You need to remove the barrel from the rifle and then place the barrel … February 21, 2019 00:40:13 . Compact ergonomic de.. Air Arms Galahad, BlackPrecharged pneumatic Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Place your order now for delivery priority! The next step is to position the barrel band just behind the CO2 compartment cap and tighten the set screw with the supplied hex head tool. Diana Chaser O Ring Seals £ 4.78 – £ 6.49. 11mm Dovetail When it was first introduced, there seemed to be a lot of speculation that it would be the next 2240 in terms of many mods/upgrades being developed. chaser rifle. Dreamline Accessories. For the rifle I am using the same four pellets as the pistol test. Fixed rear sight CO2 Seal Retaining Nut for CP1 CP2 and Diana £ 4.50. Diana Chaser Peep Last Post RSS Nate (@nate) Joined: 2 years ago. the .22 caliber o-ring seems to be a 009 or at least it fits fine but the .177 is a bit odd I'm thinking it is a 1.42mm x4.7mm. Die Waffe kann als Gewehr sowie als Pistole genutzt werden. FX Air Rifle Pellets .25 Cal, 25.39 Grains, Domed, 350ct. H&N Excite Plinking Pellets, .177 Cal, 7.48 Grains, Wadcutter, 500ct, Legends M712 Full-Auto CO2 BB Gun Kit, Full Metal, AirForce CO2 Adapter with Filled 12-oz. 7.48 grains While the Chaser only needs a single CO2 cartridge, a compartment on the bottom of the grip opens up a storage area to hold a second CO2 cartridge to keep more air power on deck. It's made of plastic with Carbon Fiber and it works nicely. The most helpful favorable review . Smooth, easy rotating handles glide on a ball bearing so cleanin.. The rifle/pistol kit and scope is the $174.98. I’ve managed more shooting time with the Chaser than any other air pistol this year, and have had more variations to shoot with one basic kit gun than any other CO2 pistol, period. These pistols are known for being accurate, along with their predecessor, the wood gripped CP1. I shot the final test with Meisterkugeln and put a best five rounds into 0.625 inches (center-to-center), which is actually not as good as I did with the pistol barrel and shoulder stock. Out of Stock. The 11th hour proof reading began at 12:15! Breakbarrel 2-stage adj. rear s ight www.diana-airguns.de . Legends M712 pistol kit That’s exactly what my best group was shooting the Chaser .22 as a pistol carbine. 12 in stock. The Diana factory specs for the rifle barrel are a maximum of 500 fps in .22 caliber, (560 fps in .177). Precharged pneumatic I love my Chaser, and it is well designed for what it is. My best 5-shot target at 10 meters measured 0.437 inches fired offhand using the Hawke scope. Each includes a front blade sight with an adjustable rear sight and an 11mm Dovetail to zero in on targets with a scope. Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit. Will a Crosman barrel fit the Diana Chaser? CO2; Bolt-Action; Includes Single-Shot Tray; Fixed Front Sight; Adjustable Rear Sight ; 11mm Dovetail; 2-Stage Trigger, Adjustable take-up; Spare CO2 capsule can be stored in grip; Small Weaver accessory mount on underside of barrel band; Kit includes Chaser Pistol, Butt Stock, and Silenced Rifle Barrel; Click here for California's Proposition 65 warning. This model is extremely accurate and totally upgradable. DIT - DIANA Improved Trigger; Adjustable micrometer sight; 11mm scope rail; Our CO2 guns are available to purchase for collection in store only - Once you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation - you also need to await a secondary email confirming availability. Available in .177 or .22 Diana had shooters of all ages in mind with the airgun's feather-light weight of 3.1lbs. I bought a seperate one for the pistol barrel from Texas Airgun on Ebay.