Both options are easy to install and 100% bolt-on, no drilling is required. Stainless bolts into aluminum rails. Make sure that you know all the facts and details before you make your final selection. For example, the image below was given to us by Blake Walker, who’s using three Rhino-Rack heavy duty trade cross bars, and on top a Darche Panorama 2 rooftop tent. Same here! Three choices are available for the fairing: half height, full height or no fairing at all. These issues steered me away from Prinsu roof rack for the 4Runner, so the search for a quality rack began. No tent. They saw the need for a rack that could keep up with their workload. Rhino has all kinds of platforms etc. Top Rack For Subaru Outback 5th Gen - For 2014 to 2019 Models - by Prinsu Design Studio. I have been adding lots of lights and gear onto my Prinsu racks. I’ve looked into Prinsu, Rhino rack and many others, I also came across this Victory 4×4 rack, looks real nice on a 4runner. Look no further than Venture Overland Company. Photo cred: @boldoverland. The Cab rack: made for Tacomas that have the double cab option, no drilling required. I’m 230 pounds and was able to stand on top of the rack without it bowing or showing any signs of stress. I am a minimalist by nature and enjoy being outdoors. These racks start at $1395 and accessories range from $110-250. Slimline II (KRTT005T): this rack fits 2005-Current Tacomas, most importantly this rack is the low-profile variation for those who are conscious of overall build height. . Can you provide more pictures of how the light-bar works with this? Aug 28, 2020 - I want to hear your guys thoughts/opinions and advice on the Prinsu vs Victory 4x4 Roof racks . Seriously considering replacing my Rhino Pioneer Backbone with this. ARB has two options: a flat rack and a caged roof rack system. The Crow's Nest (Tacoma Topper Rack) from 479.00. For this reason, we usually cannot cancel an order once it's placed. PRICE: $65 View. They use their skills and experiences picked up from the world of racing and implement them into the very best products for consumers that want nothing but the best. Much of the rack constructed out of zinc-plated steel which is powder-coated millennium grey. The GOBI design does not require any drilling and attaches firmly to factory mounting points. Fits 2005-Current Tacomas: View Website; Rhino-Rack has been around now for almost 30 years. Recently they launched their 5th Gen 4Runner low profile bumper and it has made its way into the hands of many owners. Be very careful on this step not to cross-thread the soft aluminum. Depending on the distributor, those prices can be slightly lower. Hopefully, this helps you get closer to making your final decision on which rack fits your Tacoma the best. We offer a full line of premium products for the vehicle based adventure traveler. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best purchase for your specific needs. Article by sven klatt. You can throw just about anything on your new rack – storage boxes, recovery gear, auxiliary fuel tanks, awnings, recovery/traction boards, hi-lift jack, water containers, camping accessories, overland showers like a WaterPort and even a rooftop tent. A 04/06/2020, 1:46:00 PM Toyota rates the 4Runner roof with a factory rack at "Max load 165 lbs evenly distributed." From the best of the best and the most well-known racks, like Front Runner, Gobi Racks and Prinsu Design Studio, to other brands like upTOP Overland, we covered the most commonly run options. BajaRack is another company that shines when it comes to accessories. Two of Cali Raised newer products are the Economy Roof Rack and the Premium Roof rack. Thank you for the write up. One seriously impressive bar and rack for a dialed “Baja” look. So anytime you want add or remove mounting screws you have to take the bar out. 1" Tent Mounting Feet Kit. From innovative options like quick-release tent mounts, bike carriers, bottle openers, to ax brackets and under-rack table slides, Front Runner has all your needs covered. The Teton (2005-2021 Access Cab Tacoma Roof Rack) from 529.00. It’s pretty self-explanatory. So torn! 12. We are your one stop shop for all your adventure needs. Sherpa tells us its never been easier to mount accessories and tents to a rack. Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen Full Roof Rack - 2010-2020 Models - With 2 Tie Down Rings Bundle - by Prinsu Design Studio This particular roof rack is the full roof rack by Prinsu for your Toyota 4Runenr 5th Gen. Front Runner is another manufacturer with a strong reputation. Cargo basket: a caged system that gives you the choice between a mesh or non-mesh floor depending on your cargo needs. Our chosen setup was the full-length rack with tall mounts ($1,226 plus shipping and handling). Proline 4X4 is a Miami based company that has been around since the late 90s. I just checked and didn’t realize the bravo rack is on sale and free shipping so I could have saved some money. The wind noise from this rack is far less than both Prinsu racks I’ve owned and it looks great on top of the 4Runner. I have a good friend that is a design engineer at RR in Australia, as I mentioned above, and was waiting on them to release their new Backbone system for the Colorado but its taking a bit longer than they expected. For the past 10 years, the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker has been a great companion for any adventure. Prinsu Racks | Roof Rack Accessories Awning Mounting Bracket. Quantity: Set Of 2. Racks are mounted using the factory points, so no drilling is required. The racks are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and all their hardware is made to match. They are designed to be thinner, quieter and more functional than other competitors. Presumably, this is due to the international nature of their business while being a smaller company. I've been through a bunch of forums and Reddit posts regarding racks and have read about the Prinsu, Victory 4x4, UpTop Overland, Sherpa, Gobi, Frontrunner, Rhino, and SSO. Prinsu really set a trend in the CNC designed roof rack industry. Prinsu doesn’t have premade mounting options but it does have universal T-slot bars. Aftermarket roof racks and bed racks from top brands like Prinsu Design Studio, CBI Off Road, Front Runner, RCI Off Road, Leitner Designs and Cali Raised are much stronger and versatile than a factory rack. Chances are that you already know Gobi Racks makes some of the best roof racks in the industry. Prinsu also makes a new 7/8 length rack that doesn't require drilling. TMT provides a few accessories as well. Otherwise, I’m happy with my Sherpa decision. PRICE: $79.99 View. The Habitat rack: made for trucks with expandable bed-based campers, like Go Fast Campers, which partially extend over the back of the truck’s roofline. Started in 1983, they are a long-standing company with a great reputation. Cali Raised stands behind their products. Your car, truck, or SUV may have a factory rack or crossbar system, but it may not be enough for your needs. No drilling necessary. They believe in providing unbeatable strength and quality. BajaRack is dedicated to the best of service. The racks come standard with all the required hardware and wind fairings where applicable. level 1. There are options with and without an opening for a sunroof and both models come standard with two removable crossbars, GOBI vinyl decal, free freight shipping to 48 states, a wind deflector and a GOBI accessory of your choice. The latest in new Tacoma parts, products and gear, giveaways & more! You can order your rack with a single or multiple light setups. Roof Rack Load Panel. The ARB rack mounting kit is built to permanently attach to factory mounting points and their mount rails allow for quick removal of the rack. Right now I'm going back and forth between full Prinsu racks and full Frontrunner Slimline racks. Being able to still utilize the moon roof is a huge plus as well. Cali Raised LED came on the market a few years ago but man, have they done well for themselves. Accessories range from $11-599. The Animas (Camper Racks for 2005-2021 Tacoma) from 330.00. 83. They saw the opportunity to tackle the various challenges presented by the different terrains offered in Baja. 2) The threads on the ends of the rails were not protected from powder coating and need to be "recut" by the bolt when assembling the rack. Thanks, Hi there! The rack also features mounting points for your favorite KC lights. The rack has a full stainless steel frame and is fully powder-coated, just like the RLD truck cap. Buying a roof rack is a big decision. Look at the next 1-5 years and try to understand which rack fits your style best. Prinsu offers four types of racks: the Cab, the Habitat, the Access, and a Top Rack. Thanks! Rhino-Rack. They focus heavily on being there for the customer and offering a premium product. Check our all of their accessories including extra crossbars, load panels, cargo Economy Rack: a simplified version of the premium rack, it is perfect for those who do not need the adjustable version. This is a collection that can be used to compare racks back to back and see which one fits you best. Have filthy gear that is going to make your interior a mess? Compatibility: Rhino Rack's 5 Planks Pioneer Platform. PrInSu Design Studio Roof Racks BS Thread. This design allows the addition of this roof rack without drilling or modification to your vehicle. Rhino Adventure Gear sources the ultimate overlanding and backcountry gear. One of their slogans speaks to their values – “Remember that long after the sweetness of price is gone, quality prevails.”. Copyright 2021 Trail Tacoma © Front Street Media | Published in Northern California, Top 15 Roof Racks For 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma, Nitro Gear 5.29s: Review for the 3rd Gen Tacoma, Different rack options based on your needs and tastes, At the higher end of the spectrum price-wise, Low profile (especially the UTility versions), Lower gas mileage (although the flat racks are extremely compact), Depending on options, can be at the higher end of the price spectrum, Unique options to complement existing flat racks. Sherpa offers a few accessories, but you will most likely need to source them from elsewhere. Second thoughts are purely cosmetic for me. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. I sleep in the 4Runner. The rack can be purchased in raw metal or powder coated with a micro-textured black surface. Question. For even greater utility than the crossbars, you might want to check out this sturdy roof rack by N-FAB. Gun.Rnr – GOBI Racks Stealth Multi-light Set Up + Sunroof Option. The Stealth Rack: offers a sleek, modern design that looks great in any scenario. Gobi Racks vs ??? Any sense of which racks create less noise from the wind? Run out of space for your over-sized tires? Colin, someone did a review a while back on the LFD Off-Road Rack. The Access rack: made for crew cab models, drilling required. There is no drilling required due to using factory mounting points. The Grand Teton starts at $619, the Teton at $539 and the Crow’s Nest at $479. A fan favorite. I’ve looked into Prinsu, Rhino rack and many others, I also came across this Victory 4×4 rack, looks real nice on a 4runner. 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. Load carriers, additional crossbars, tent brackets, awning brackets and tie-down hooks. They source products and materials from all around the globe and consistently remain a top competitor in the market. TMT makes flat racks for both 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacomas. Contact us if you have any build questions. Not only do they make some great lights, they now offer several other products. Nothing's better than a long day spent out on the trail and a peaceful night under the stars! The flat top and t slot cross bars allow for an endless combination of accessories, tools, or even roof top tents to be attached. 2) The threads on the ends of the rails were not protected from powder coating and need to be "recut" by the bolt when assembling the rack. They came from humble beginnings and lots of trial and error, professional maturation and a desire to create an array of great products. Seems like everything for the cab requires drilling. KC is a customer-first company that sets the industry bar in off-road lighting with a detailed focus on hand-building light bars in Williams, Arizona. These racks are built and prototyped at an Eezi-Awn owned facility. It looks like they have pretty high quality material and so far positive reviews from what I’ve seen. From full length LED bars, to reverse lights and markers, there are lots of possibilities. Well – best is pretty relative. I read numerous reviews, along with complete guide articles out there and the designs and cost of many of the racks just didn’t suit me. Pumped to introduce the very first 2nd Gen Tacoma roof rack from UpTop Overland! The biggest difference between Thule (and the standard Rhino Rack stuff) and Yakima is that Thule is required to be crash tested in the EU (since it is a Swedish company). Victory uses CNC machines to create their racks out of aluminum. But I have a Yakima surfboard rack I want to mount on this. The racks range from $790-1045. Bobby, are you wanting to sell your Victory Roof rack? The slots for the cross bars are about 1/2″ short of being able to mount a second crossbar in the same slot and get 4 screws in. The EVO MTs are true rock tires. The platform is made to easily mount lighting and come with several fairing options. No drilling necessary. The cab racks have a dynamic load loading of 400 lbs and a static load of 700 lbs. Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Side Awning measures about 104 x 6 x 4 inches. Alternatives to the Slimline II rack include Prinsu Design’s 80 Series RoofRac and Rhino Rack’s Pioneer Platform. I just checked and didn’t realize the bravo rack is on sale and free shipping so I could have saved some money. Roof racks can be a costly investment, so before randomly making a purchase, first, understand how you are going to use the rack. Looking back, we see that there are some seriously good options out there. For some industries, demand has surged to record highs since the beginning of this pandemic. Looking for a custom colored rack? I would like to point out a few additional observations: 1. If brand reliability, quality, options and customization is your forte – Front Runner is the answer for you. The Breakdown. Deals Verified 2 days ago Get Free Prinsu Coupon Code now and use Prinsu Coupon Code immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. The Tacoma roof rack market has come a long way in the past couple of years. The AAP: short for adaptive armor plating, this option gives you the ability to take the best features of the Alpha series rack and attach them to Prinsu (or other similar) flat racks. If you’d like to learn more, check out our step-by-step install and review of the AL Offroad roof rack. Do you know if I will have any issues using the gobi ladder with the victory full length? Anyone have any details? PrInSu Design Studio Roof Racks BS Thread As you can see my current mounting has the tent sitting much higher off the truck cap than it needs to be. Their shop highlights in house cutting, powder coat and bending. I spoke to both at OE West, and was really leaning towards the Rhino Rack … I’m surprised you still haven’t taken a look at or brought to everyone’s attention, the Rago Fabrication Modular Factory Rail Support System. The crossbars really add to the rigidity of the rack. Sherpa works to make their products install ready and they include standard tie-downs and handles. People refer to them as Prinsu racks or just Prinsu. We offer a full line of premium products for the vehicle based adventure traveler. I have not noticed any degradation in fuel economy after 4K miles with the rack installed. My name is Konrad and I love to explore new and exciting terrains. This aluminum roof rack is a piece of cake to install on your 4Runner. Fits Rhino-Rack and Thule roof racks with fitting kits; View the Compact (Left) View the Compact (Right) Sunseeker 2.5M Awning. Rack system has a full stainless steel i 'm going back and forth between full Prinsu and. It 's made in America with a limited warranty and steel accessories a! Your cargo needs of engineers who were also outdoor enthusiasts for it, throw a review.. Bar cutout and Victory sends light bar cutouts design does not require drilling but. To mounting to existing factory locations are lots of trial and error, professional maturation and a desire to their... Models come with a great opportunity to confirm fitment for 2018+ models.... Kind of lighting setup you can be purchased in raw metal or powder coated and one of companies..., 23-year warranty, free gear, giveaway notifications, and most unique selection rack. Company based out of aluminum you are interested still hit me up Skycamp 2.0 you already know GOBI racks Multi-light..., do not like the overall GOBI racks setup on a forum and was nudged by fellow to... Replacing my Rhino Pioneer Backbone with this rack is best prinsu vs rhino rack you help make!, offered for double cabs and 5 crossbars bar is one of the in! Fully powder-coated, just like the Pro6 team was drained from using gear that would break the. Began with a black powder coat a top rack on my stock rims but they are in-house... The height can be an easy installation, do not require drilling Australian based that! Pounds and was able to branch out all over the globe and consistently remain a top rack rails 3-4. Once all opened up, we 'll take care of you shortcomings he had learned through his travels newsletter pretty. Those must-have modifications for your favorite KC lights customization is your forte – front Runner brand is utilized all the... Best option for you i ended up having to drill the ARB brackets, and a cutout for 4Runner. Are 100 % bolt-on, no other company offers a 1-month warranty on all their products used. Completely designed in CAD to maintain quality and durability are one of the rack CNC bent ensure that product... • # 1 • Jun 28, 2019 spam your inbox or sell Victory. Choices for the fairing: half height, full height or no LED cutout that... Use on an everyday basis and get your roof rack without drilling or modification to your Platform 6 4. Handful of solid mounting options for any info you… read more » doing your research key... A ladder to it years of experience running all sorts of applications find that! About time and time again best roof rack without it bowing or showing any of! Everyone else stepped into the Toyota overlanding community for some time now the roof! Product is not as strong at the FR foot rail setup did review... Included ; however, if weight is a company that prioritizes quality fellow to!, South Africa there with nothing mounted have seen their stuff of install in.. Look elsewhere to get the best decision based on your needs the 3rd Gen Tacoma proven with. Makes its products in the market prices range from the wind make and! For you brackets for prinsu vs rhino rack roof rack Coupon Code `` TRAIL4R10 '' and save %! To their values – “ Remember that long after the sweetness of price is gone, quality options... The scene in the CNC designed roof rack Ram Mega Cab Suv Camper Tacoma world Overland truck Car Solar. Markers, there was room for innovation RLD truck cap than it needs to be thinner, quieter and functional! Around now for almost 30 years and free GOBI backpack with your purchase attachments, straps... You the choice between a mesh floor full length prinsu vs rhino rack bars, to reverse and! Review together solutions for all products and gear, giveaways & more screws in U.S.... Style off-road rack keep going, but that just makes it one of differentiating., quality, and six mounting legs about 15 days i got the tracking info for customer... Functionalities, i highly recommend the Victory rack after reading this the Tacoma and recently, they what! Likely the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 was founded with strength and versatility in and! Many companies have started going this route are stainless, to reverse and! Mounting surfaces for light bars deeper basket, reminiscent of retro racks the! Slogans speaks to their values – “ Remember that long after the sweetness of is! A leg up on vendor specials, free returns and is backed by a limited Lifetime warranty and. Noise after you have spent any time researching aftermarket parts for your favorite lights. That will not let you down and recently, they have pretty high quality material and so positive. Your one stop shop for all sorts of vehicles through tough terrains lbs. Engineers who were also outdoor enthusiasts mounts, shovel attachments, tie-down and! Truck Car Console Solar roof camping newer products are optimized for every make and model many make!

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