Find out if there are forums or social media groups where such personalities communicate regularly. Depending on the arrangement, the sponsors may promote the event as a whole or specific activities and athletes. Sports fans share content with their friends all the time, meaning that you are able to tap into the networks of people that your target audience knows. Hashtags create buzz and make it easier to track conversations about the event. 69% of UK citizens reported that they would attend more events if they could buy tickets online. The intricacies of building an effective content marketing strategy are beyond the scope of this guide, but let’s look at the key points of what makes content marketing so effective. It also involves the promotion of athletes, sports teams, and sporting events to raise revenue from the public interest that is generated. #football (or a sport relevant to your specific event), Behind-the-scenes footage of equipment and venue preparations, Interviews with key players and participants, Comparisons of competing team and player stats. So how do you successfully promote a sports event in order get the right kind of attendance? By surveying and gathering feedback at the event, you demonstrate on the spot that you care about your customers’ opinion. Filed Under: Event promotion, Sport Tagged With: guide, promoting an event, sports event, Your email address will not be published. A solution with CRM capabilities could help you to expand your understanding of your audience, build fan profiles so you can better target those that might be interested in your sports event with personalized messages. 13 Tips on Building an Event marketing strategy An event marketing strategy is all about raising awareness of your event. Indeed, with all your fans gathered in one place, it’s the perfect sports event marketing opportunity to keep them on side. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. All rights reserved. This will give you insights into how well your sports event is resonating with the audience, and which elements appeal to them in particular. In preparation for your sports event, in order to strengthen your marketing efforts, leverage technology to develop a more effective strategy. best to use sports marketing strategies in the interna- Alignment-based strategies use sponsorship in the tional arena. Women are becoming a more significant percentage of sport fans, so sport marketing strategies should also be built around them. registering for the event) through a series of emails. Make sure at least one person on your team is dedicated to social media on the day so you can respond to any complaints, queries and problems in real-time. Try places like: Consult with your event sponsors and other stakeholders to decide what information and graphics should be included in the poster. Sports Organization Marketing International Sports Federations (ISF), international and national sports organizations, and local organizations have opportunities to share their sport, grow their exposure and fan base, while accomplishing the organizations goals. Rock climbing is as much about storytelling and nostalgia as it is about routes and gear. For instance, a ticket distribution system can help provide you with valuable data insights about sales and customer behaviour, so you can make better, data-driven decisions which reflect the way your audience purchase tickets and interact with your sports event. Required fields are marked *. Regardless of whether your organization is large or small, professional or amateur, a marketing plan can be an invaluable document. Try to take advantage of that fan excitement by offering them the chance to snap up tickets for your next event at a special price if they buy their ticket for next year on the day. Join the forums and see if you can get them engaged with your event. You can, however, work together with the sponsors on your promotional activities. Make sure to provide the information about the ticketing site or app in all your promotional material. Though your main event might only happen once a year, there’s no reason you shouldn’t promote it via smaller-scale ‘launch’ events in between. Whilst blogging in between your events, be sure to define which posts are aimed at existing customers and which are trying to attract new ones, and adjust your tone and content accordingly. In the digital era, it’s easy to dismiss posters as a means of promoting events. If your sports event takes place no more than a couple of times per year, there are two main approaches. Word of mouth, print media, interacting with local press and giving back to the community are only a few of marketing ideas to get your started. How can you keep your audience engaged and grow your fanbase when there’s almost an entire year between each edition of your event? Our mission is to provide an entertaining, fun, and knowledgeable atmosphere to climbers who experience nothing but a rock face and nutrition bars all day. One trick that sports marketers can use to attract more customers is creating engaging contentwith the help of celebrity sports figures. Most sponsors will create their own independent marketing strategy. Sponsors can also run promotional campaigns to popularise the event before the day. How to Develop a Sports Marketing Plan for Contemporary Sports Management. By following this two-part step-by-step guide for successful sports event marketing, you can make the most of the time periods in between your event and the event itself to ensure each one is bigger and better than the last, audiences stay interested and ticket sales keep on rising even when there are time gaps between events. Tip: You can use free tools to automate social media management. You can also work with sponsors to give away branded merchandise. You need to be creative while applying them. Luckily, there are search portals aimed specifically at helping you find relevant influencers. By asking your attendees at your event how they’re finding the event, whether they’ve had any negative experiences, and how you could improve next time, you gain vital data about how to keep improving year on year. Identify potential matches, refine your offering to potential sponsors or collaborators and develop a relationship over time with the aim to bringing them on board for your next event to make fans’ experiences even more exciting next time around. Effective strategy in business is all about being different and anticipating future events in order to react and respond proactively. Growing your fanbase and retaining past attendees are two different strategies, so make sure to differentiate between those two efforts in your tactics. Maybe they can spread the message to their fans? The Olympics’ new marketing strategy: Going ‘direct-to-people’ Matt Barker A digital-led marketing approach is opening up new channels for the International Olympics Committee, allowing it to reiterate its values ahead of the postponed Tokyo 2020 Games. The idea of a nurture email campaign is to gradually nudge the recipient towards the desired action (i.e. Though baseball is “America’s favorite pastime,” other sports fans may beg to differ. Consider either giving attendees a price discount or rewarding them for their loyalty with a special treat alongside their purchase. This time is extremely valuable for your marketing efforts so be sure to use it to your advantage to make your event bigger and better each time. An acceptable outlet for youthful energy. See if you can piggyback on popular sports-related hashtags like: Tip: For inspiration, have a look at the importance of hashtag innovation in sport. Carefully planned and timed launch events can give audiences a taste of what’s to come in your main event, and help to build momentum and stay in your audience’s minds. Set up an event page and start selling tickets in 5 minutes. efforts to sell nonsports products; it is the fact that the marketer is aligned with some sports entity that quali- References fies this type of strategy as one of the sports marketing … A little extreme perhaps, but a different approach that’s gained a lot of attention on social media and uses modern technology to build a buzz. Strategic alternatives aim to stretch thinking and to widen the range of options considered. Yet they have grown to be recognisable brands worldwide. Image source: RedBullXFighters 25, by Guzmán Lozano. Star athletes are the greatest brand advocates any business could ask for, with identifiable names and their own devoted set of followers. That way their friends will see and hear about your event and might want to join the fun next time. Brainstorm with your team or sponsors to come up with a list of potential names. (Take note that you will also have to audit the ticket sales records physically after the event.). Sports marketing is a subdivision of marketing which focuses both on the promotion of sports events and teams as well as the promotion of other products and services through sporting events and sports teams. Similar to a serial content strategy, creating an email marketing strategy that involves sending several emails over a period of time is an effective way to keep the audience engaged. Tip: If you’re not working with a professional graphic designer, you can find excellent sports poster templates to help you out. Be the brand that makes it happen though sports event marketing. Most sponsors will create their own independent marketing strategy. Learn how your comment data is processed. In sports, also, strategy is valuable for achieving the competitive edge that comes from doing things differently. Your event promotion begins with the event name: It’s the first interaction potential participants will have with your event. Many sports brands have been quick to capitalize on this by diversifying their product range to capture the zeitgeist. Onebox Ibérica SL. All winning sports marketing strategies involve partnerships with influencers or charities. Anything that has worked for you? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Buzz generated on social media on the day of the event is hugely important. As a result, you should really go the extra mile to maintain your current fans. Think you can sit back and relax after your event is over, because you’ve got months to go until the next one? If your consumers are at sporting events, don’t be the brand sitting idly on the sidelines. 8. STRATEGY #1 Program Expansion Tactic #1-A School expansion Tac… Tip: For more inspiration on promoting your sports event, take a look at the fitness industry’s best marketing campaigns. You can make the process easier by selling tickets through a reliable online ticketing site.