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Care What You Wear! Wear Healthy!

I like clothes, mostly cotton clothes, and I like people who like clothes.

I have been with fabrics and clothes, like forever.

Hi readers, my name is Jitin Anand, worked in Textile and Apparel industry for 20 years. Sold clothes, bought clothes.

After completing Master’s in Business Administration, my textile career started back in early 90’s by selling circular knitted fabrics to garment manufactures. Since then, worked in three countries and seen lots of needles, fibers, yarns, fabrics, garments, prints, washes, machines, chemicals, dyes, effluents, labs, recipes and workers. Textiles are technical, so I had a very close interaction with all sorts of production facilities involved right from the spinning yarns, to ready garment.

In 20 years of my career span, worked with six garment manufacturers, exporters and importers. I was responsible for selling and buying (imports and exports) millions of garments and thousands of tons of fabrics. I have seen Apparel Industry quite close.

Lot goes on in there which you, as a consumer, has no idea about.

It’s hard to find a website or blog which throws light on health of our clothes. So I started one.

Instead of keeping all in mind, or in a personal journal, why not share knowledge and experience with all. I take benefit from my experience and now I want to benefit all.

My goal via this blog is to reach as many people as possible and let them know how unhealthy clothes can be. I want to make you aware of the hidden toxins you bring home with apparel you buy.

In my articles, I will write about each and every aspect of clothes that affect our and planet earth’s health.

People know how to read a food label, my blog will help you read clothing labels and distinguish between “good clothes” and “bad clothes”.

My blog will empower you to make smart decision, while buying your clothes.

It’s not as transparent as food labels, but still you can read the label/tags and identify toxic ones. It’s not difficult at all and it will save your skin.

With my experience, industry knowledge and information gathered from various authentic and reliable sources, I will cruise your way to a healthy wardrobe.

My blog will act as a road map for you to align your wardrobe with your values. There is no need to give up and buy what is easily available. Your clothes can be stylish and still sustainable. You can buy ethically and still stay in fashion.

My articles will be an insight for you on levels of toxicity involved in textile and clothing industry. You will learn why we should care about from where our clothes come from, and the impact fashion industry is having on our health, world as a whole and planet earth.

You can create your own Eco-friendly, non-toxic and morally right personal style.  Learn here how to smoothly navigate fast fashion world without harming our and green planet’s health.

Learn how by wearing right and wearing consciously we can not only make an positive impact on our health but help mother nature in the process too. Let’s help our wonderful planet by cleansing our closet. It is not hard at all to make an impact by just buying right. I promise you, you will feel nothing less then GREAT!

So welcome! Let’s get aware, together, and say no to toxic chemicals in clothes and “wear no vile”.

Shoot me a question. I will be glad to answer.

Stay Healthy! Wear Healthy!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”- Jim Rohn

To your health,


Healthy Wear