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To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. – La Rochefoucauld

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Healthy Eating

  1. Select meat and poultry cuts that are leaner or trim the fat off before eating.
  2. Restaurants often serve extra large portions. Consider sharing a meal with someone.
  3. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
  4. Eat off smaller plates or take smaller portions.
  5. When eating out, an appetizer or side dishes make good alternatives to large portions.
  6. Choose vegetables as a side dish instead of fried potatoes.
  7. Choose whole grains for breads or cereal for a healthy diet.
  8.  Keep a bowl of fruit on your desk at work.
  9. Eat yogurt instead of ice cream.
  10. Eat sweet potatoes as an alternative to regular baked potatoes or fries.
  11. Use salsa on your baked potato instead of sour cream.
  12. Eat the skin on your baked potato. Don’t eat the skin on your chicken.
  13. Have an apple or glass of water before dinner.
  14. A serving of vegetables = 1 cup raw, leafy or 1/2 cup of raw chopped vegetables.
  15. A serving size of fruit = 1 medium piece, 1/2 cup mixed of fruit, or 3/4 cup fruit juice.
  16.  A serving size: 2-3 ounces cooked lean meat, poultry or fish (size of a deck of cards).
  17. Serving size = 1 slice bread, 1/2 bagel or English muffin, or 1 ounce ready-to-eat cereal.
  18. Cut down on saturated fat in creamy dressings by mixing in nonfat or low-fat plain yogurt.
  19.  Wait 20 minutes before getting another plate of food from a buffet. You may not be hungry.
  20. Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing food and after handling raw meats.
  21. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables in running tap water to remove visible dirt and grime.
  22. Washing your hands regularly is a great way to prevent cold, flu and other diseases.
  23. Kick your slim-down efforts into high gear… start each meal with a glass of water.
  24.  One pound of body fat equals 3500 calories. Increase activity & decrease calories to lose!
  25. More fiber can starve off cravings, keep your belly fuller and your waistline smaller!
  26. An 8-ounce container of yogurt has about 11 grams of protein.
  27. Sometimes when you feel hungry, your body is just thirsty! Try a glass of water first!
  28. Eating together as a family 5 times a week can decrease your child’s chance of obesity.
  29. When out to eat, ask for a box with your food so you can put half in before you eat.
  30. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day, the more color the better!
  31.  As a source of vitamin B-6, bananas aid your immune system and help form red blood cells.
  32. American Heart Association recommends that everyone eat fish twice weekly.
  33.  Eating 25 grams or about 1 ounce of soy protein a day can help decrease cholesterol.
  34.  Berries contain over 4,000 different compounds that have antioxidant properties.
  35. One red bell pepper has 300% of the recommended daily value for Vitamin C.
  36.  Dark green leafy vegetables, lima beans and black beans are a good source of Folic acid.
  37.  A heart-healthy diet includes plenty of fish, fruits, vegetables, beans and olive oil.
  38. Pregnant women should eat at least four servings of dairy products and calcium-rich foods.
  39. Use smaller plates to control portions and eat less.
  40. Support your community and buy local fruit and vegetables from a farm market.
  41. Turn off the TV during meals and tune into hunger cues to prevent overeating.
  42. To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. – La Rochefoucauld
  43. He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of the physician-Chinese Proverb
  44. The tools that allow for optimum health are diet and exercise. -Bill Toomey
  45. “Your stomach shouldn’t be a waste basket.” -Anonymous


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